Waves – Complete v9.91 – Quick Install (VST) [Win x64]


Waves – Complete v9.91 – Quick Install (VST) [Win x64]

Waves plug-ins are designed for mastering, information, compression, equalization, emulation of analog instruments and meters ….

In this distribution, plug-ins (in the amount of 518 pcs) ONLY format VST2 and have a bit capacity of 64 bits only!
All unnecessary was cut, including the STANDALONE application, as well as Soundgrid and all modules for it.


Abbey Road Plates Mono
Abbey Road Plates Mono Stereo
Abbey Road Plates Stereo
Abbey Road Vinyl Light Mono
Abbey Road Vinyl Light Stereo
Abbey Road Vinyl Mono
Abbey Road Vinyl Stereo
Aphex Vintage Exciter Mono
Aphex Vintage Exciter Stereo
API-2500 Mono
API-2500 Stereo
API-550A Mono
API-550A Stereo
API-550B Mono
API-550B Stereo
API-560 Mono
API-560 Stereo
AudioTrack Mono
AudioTrack Stereo
Bass Rider Live Mono
Bass Rider Live Stereo
Bass Rider Mono
Bass Rider Stereo
Butch Vig Vocals Mono
Butch Vig Vocals Stereo
C1 comp Mono
C1 comp Stereo
C1 comp-gate Mono
C1 comp-gate Stereo
C1 comp-sc Mono
C1 comp-sc Stereo
C1 gate Mono
C1 gate Stereo
C360 5.0
C360 5.1
C4 Mono
C4 Stereo
C6 Mono
C6 Stereo
C6-SideChain Mono
C6-SideChain Stereo
Center Stereo
CLA Bass Mono Stereo
CLA Bass Stereo
CLA Drums Mono Stereo
CLA Drums Stereo
CLA Effects Mono Stereo
CLA Effects Stereo
CLA Guitars Mono Stereo
CLA Guitars Stereo
CLA Unplugged Mono Stereo
CLA Unplugged Stereo
CLA Vocals Mono Stereo
CLA Vocals Stereo
CLA-2A Mono
CLA-2A Stereo
CLA-3A Mono
CLA-3A Stereo
CLA-76 Mono
CLA-76 Stereo
dbx-160 Mono
dbx-160 Stereo
DeBreath Mono
DeEsser Mono
DeEsser Stereo
Doppler Mono Stereo
Doppler Stereo
Dorrough Mono
Dorrough Stereo
Dorrough360 5.0
Dorrough360 5.1
Doubler2 Mono
Doubler2 Mono Stereo
Doubler2 Stereo
Doubler4 Mono
Doubler4 Mono Stereo
Doubler4 Stereo
DPR-402 Mono
DPR-402 Stereo
DTS Neural DownMix 5.1 to Stereo 5.1
DTS Neural DownMix 7.1 to 5.1 7.1
DTS Neural DownMix 7.1 to Stereo 7.1
DTS Neural Mono2Stereo Mono Stereo
DTS Neural UpMix 5.1 7.1
DTS Neural UpMix Stereo 5.1
DTS Neural UpMix Stereo 7.1
DTS Neural UpMix Stereo Quad
EKramer BA Mono
EKramer BA Stereo
EKramer DR Mono
EKramer DR Stereo
EKramer FX Mono Stereo
EKramer FX Stereo
EKramer GT Mono Stereo
EKramer GT Stereo
EKramer VC Mono Stereo
EKramer VC Stereo
EMO-D5 Mono
EMO-D5 Stereo
EMO-F2 Mono
EMO-F2 Stereo
EMO-Generator Mono
EMO-Generator Stereo
EMO-Q4 Mono
EMO-Q4 Stereo
Enigma Mono Stereo
Enigma Stereo
GEQ Classic Mono
GEQ Classic Stereo
GEQ Modern Mono
GEQ Modern Stereo
GTR Amp 2Cab Mono
GTR Amp Mono
GTR Amp Mono Stereo
GTR Amp Stereo
GTR Solo Tool Rack Mono Stereo
GTR Solo Tool Rack Stereo
GTR Stomp 2 Mono
GTR Stomp 2 Mono Stereo
GTR Stomp 2 Stereo
GTR Stomp 4 Mono
GTR Stomp 4 Mono Stereo
GTR Stomp 4 Stereo
GTR Stomp 6 Mono
GTR Stomp 6 Mono Stereo
GTR Stomp 6 Stereo
GTR Tool Rack Mono Stereo
GTR Tool Rack Stereo
GTR Tuner Mono
GW MixCentric Mono
GW MixCentric Stereo
GW PianoCentric Mono
GW PianoCentric Mono Stereo
GW PianoCentric Stereo
GW ToneCentric Mono
GW ToneCentric Stereo
GW VoiceCentric Mono
GW VoiceCentric Mono Stereo
GW VoiceCentric Stereo
H-Comp Mono
H-Comp Stereo
H-Delay Mono
H-Delay Mono Stereo
H-Delay Stereo
H-EQ Mono
H-EQ Stereo
H-EQ Light Mono
H-EQ Light Stereo
H-Reverb 5.0
H-Reverb 5.1
H-Reverb long 5.0
H-Reverb long 5.1
H-Reverb long Mono
H-Reverb long Mono 5.0
H-Reverb long Mono 5.1
H-Reverb long Mono Stereo
H-Reverb long Stereo
H-Reverb long Stereo 5.0
H-Reverb long Stereo 5.1
H-Reverb Mono
H-Reverb Mono 5.0
H-Reverb Mono 5.1
H-Reverb Mono Stereo
H-Reverb Stereo
H-Reverb Stereo 5.0
H-Reverb Stereo 5.1
IDR360 5.0
IDR360 5.1
IMPusher Mono
IMPusher Stereo
InPhase Live Mono
InPhase Live Stereo
InPhase LT Live Mono
InPhase LT Live Stereo
InPhase LT Mono
InPhase LT Stereo
InPhase Mono
InPhase Stereo
IR-L efficient Stereo
IR-L full stereo
IR-L Mono
IR-L Mono Stereo
IR1 efficient Stereo
IR1 full Stereo
IR1 Mono
IR1 Mono Stereo
IR360 discrete Mono 5.0
IR360 eff discrete 5.0
IR360 eff discrete 5.1
IR360 eff discrete Stereo 5.0
IR360 eff s.field Stereo 5.0
IR360 sound field 5.0
IR360 sound field 5.1
IR360 sound field Mono 5.0
IR360 sound field Stereo 5.0
IRLive Mono
IRLive Mono Stereo
IRLive Stereo
J37 Mono
J37 Stereo
JJP-Bass Mono
JJP-Bass Mono Stereo
JJP-Bass Stereo
JJP-Cymb-Perc Mono Stereo
JJP-Cymb-Perc Stereo
JJP-Drums Mono
JJP-Drums Mono Stereo
JJP-Drums Stereo
JJP-Guitars Mono Stereo
JJP-Guitars Stereo
JJP-Strings-Keys Mono Stereo
JJP-Strings-Keys Stereo
JJP-Vocals Mono Stereo
JJP-Vocals Stereo
Kramer HLS Mono
Kramer HLS Stereo
Kramer PIE Mono
Kramer PIE Stereo
Kramer Tape Mono
Kramer Tape Stereo
L1 limiter Mono
L1 limiter Stereo
L1 + Ultramaximizer Stereo
L2 Mono
L2 Stereo
L3 MultiMaximizer Mono
L3 MultiMaximizer Stereo
L3 UltraMaximizer Mono
L3 UltraMaximizer Stereo
L3-LL Multi Mono
L3-LL Multi Stereo
L3-LL Ultra Mono
L3-LL Ultra Stereo
L316 Mono
L316 Stereo
L360 5.0
L360 5.1
LFE360 5.1
LFE360 Mono
LinEQ Broadband Mono
LinEQ Broadband Stereo
LinEQ Lowband Mono
LinEQ Lowband Stereo
LinMB Mono
LinMB Stereo
LoAir 5.0 5.1
LoAir 5.1
LoAir Mono
LoAir Stereo
M360 Manager 5.0
M360 Manager 5.0 5.1
M360 Manager 5.1
M360 Mixdown 5.0
M360 Mixdown 5.1
MannyM Delay Mono Stereo
MannyM Delay Stereo
MannyM Distortion Mono
MannyM Distortion Stereo
MannyM EQ Mono
MannyM EQ Stereo
MannyM Reverb Mono
MannyM Reverb Mono Stereo
MannyM Reverb Stereo
MannyM Tone Shaper Mono
MannyM Tone Shaper Stereo
MannyM TripleD Mono
MannyM TripleD Stereo
Maserati ACG Mono Stereo
Maserati ACG Stereo
Maserati B72 Mono
Maserati B72 Mono Stereo
Maserati B72 Stereo
Maserati DRM Mono
Maserati DRM Stereo
Maserati GRP Mono
Maserati GRP Stereo
Maserati GTi Mono Stereo
Maserati GTi Stereo
Maserati HMX Mono Stereo
Maserati HMX Stereo
Maserati VX1 Mono Stereo
Maserati VX1 Stereo
MaxxBass Mono
MaxxBass Stereo
MaxxVolume Mono
MaxxVolume Stereo
MetaFilter Mono
MetaFilter Mono Stereo
MetaFilter Stereo
MetaFlanger Mono
MetaFlanger Mono Stereo
MetaFlanger Stereo
MondoMod Mono
MondoMod Mono Stereo
MondoMod Stereo
Morphoder Mono
Morphoder Mono Stereo
Morphoder Stereo
MV2 Mono
MV2 Stereo
MV360 5.0
MV360 5.1
NLS Buss Mono
NLS Buss Stereo
NLS Channel Mono
NLS Channel Stereo
NS1 Mono
NS1 Stereo
NX 5.0
NX 5.0 Stereo
NX 5.1
NX 5.1 Stereo
NX 7.1
NX 7.1 Stereo
NX Mono Stereo
NX Stereo
OneKnob Brighter Mono
OneKnob Brighter Stereo
OneKnob Driver Mono
OneKnob Driver Stereo
OneKnob Filter Mono
OneKnob Filter Stereo
OneKnob Louder Mono
OneKnob Louder Stereo
OneKnob Phatter Mono
OneKnob Phatter Stereo
OneKnob Pressure Mono
OneKnob Pressure Stereo
OneKnob Pumper Mono
OneKnob Pumper Stereo
OneKnob Wetter Mono
OneKnob Wetter Mono Stereo
OneKnob Wetter Stereo
PAZ- Analyzer Stereo
PAZ-Frequency Mono
PAZ- Frequency Stereo
PAZ-Meters Mono
PAZ-Meters Stereo
PAZ- Position Stereo
PS22 Split Mono Stereo
PS22 Split Stereo
PS22 Spread Mono Stereo
PS22 Spread Stereo
PS22 Spread (10) Mono Stereo
PS22 Spread (10) Stereo
PS22 XSplit Mono Stereo
PS22 XSplit Stereo
PSE Mono
PSE Stereo
PuigChild 660 Mono
PuigChild 670 Stereo
PuigTec EQP1A Mono
PuigTec EQP1A Stereo
PuigTec MEQ5 Mono
PuigTec MEQ5 Stereo
Q-Capture Mono
Q-Clone Mono
Q-Clone Stereo
Q1 Mono
Q1 Stereo
Q10 Mono
Q10 Stereo
Q2 Mono
Q2 Stereo
Q3 Mono
Q3 Stereo
Q4 Mono
Q4 Stereo
Q6 Mono
Q6 Stereo
Q8 Mono
Q8 Stereo
R360 5.0
R360 5.1
R360 Mono 5.0
R360 Mono 5.1
R360 Stereo 5.0
R360 Stereo 5.1
RBass Mono
RBass Stereo
RChannel Mono
RChannel Mono Stereo
RChannel Stereo
RCompressor Mono
RCompressor Stereo
RDeEsser Mono
RDeEsser Stereo
REDD17 Mono
REDD17 Stereo
REDD37-51 Mono
REDD37-51 Stereo
Reel ADT Live Mono
Reel ADT Live Mono Stereo
Reel ADT Live Stereo
Reel ADT Mono
Reel ADT Mono Stereo
Reel ADT Stereo
Reel ADT2V Live Mono Stereo
Reel ADT2V Live Stereo
Reel ADT2V Mono Stereo
Reel ADT2V Stereo
Renaissance Axx Mono
Renaissance Axx Stereo
REQ 2 Mono
REQ 2 Stereo
REQ 4 Mono
REQ 4 Stereo
REQ 6 Mono
REQ 6 Stereo
RS56 Mono
RS56 Stereo
RVerb Mono Stereo
RVerb Stereo
RVox Mono
RVox Stereo
S1 Imager Stereo
S1 MS Matrix Stereo
S1 Shuffler Stereo
S360 Imager 5.0
S360 Imager 5.1
S360 Imager Mono 5.0
S360 Imager Mono 5.1
S360 Imager Stereo 5.0
S360 Imager Stereo 5.1
S360 Panner Mono 5.0
S360 Panner Mono 5.1
S360 Panner Stereo 5.0
S360 Panner Stereo 5.1
Saphira Mono
Saphira Stereo
Scheps 73 Mono
Scheps 73 Stereo
Scheps Parallel Particles Mono
Scheps Parallel Particles Stereo
SoundShifter Pitch Mono
SoundShifter Pitch Stereo
SSLChannel Mono
SSLChannel Stereo
SSLComp Mono
SSLComp Stereo
SSLEQ Stereo
SSLGChannel Mono
SSLGChannel Stereo
Sub Align Mono
Sub Align Stereo
SuperTap 2-Taps Mono
SuperTap 2-Taps Mono Stereo
SuperTap 2-Taps Stereo
SuperTap 6-Taps Mono
SuperTap 6-Taps Mono Stereo
SuperTap 6-Taps Stereo
TG12345 Mono
TG12345 Stereo
The Kings Microphones Mono
The Kings Microphones Stereo
TransX Multi Mono
TransX Multi Stereo
TransX Wide Mono
TransX Wide Stereo
TrueVerb Mono
TrueVerb Mono Stereo
TrueVerb Stereo
UltraPitch 3 Voices Mono
UltraPitch 3 Voices Mono Stereo
UltraPitch 6 Voices Mono
UltraPitch 6 Voices Mono Stereo
UltraPitch Shift Mono
UltraPitch Shift Mono Stereo
UM225 Stereo 5.0
UM226 Stereo 5.1
VComp Mono
VComp Stereo
VEQ3 Mono
VEQ3 Stereo
VEQ4 Mono
VEQ4 Stereo
Vitamin Mono
Vitamin Stereo
Vocal Rider Live Mono
Vocal Rider Live Stereo
Vocal Rider Mono
Vocal Rider Stereo
W43 Mono
W43 Stereo
Waves Tune Real-Time Mono
Waves Tune Real-Time Stereo
WavesTune Lite Mono
WavesTune Lite Stereo
WavesTune Mono
WavesTune Stereo
WLM Meter 5.0
WLM Meter 5.1
WLM Meter Mono
WLM Meter Stereo
WLM Plus 5.0
WLM Plus 5.1
WLM Plus Mono
WLM Plus Stereo
WNS Mono
WNS Stereo
X-Click Mono
X-Click Stereo
X-Crackle Mono
X-Crackle Stereo
X-FDBK Stereo
X-Hum Mono
X-Hum Stereo
X-Noise Mono
X-Noise Stereo
Z-Noise Mono
Z-Noise Stereo
CODEX Stereo
Electric Grand 80 Stereo
Electric200 Stereo
Electric88 Stereo
Element Stereo

Year / Date of Issue : 04/19/2017
Version : 9.91
Developer : Waves
Developer’s site : www.waves.com
Format : VST2
Bit depth : 64bit
Tabletka : not required
System requirements : Windows: 7/8 / 8.1 / 10



Cat: Aax • PC Windows • Vst • x64

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