Wave Arts Complete Bundle (VST, RTAS) [WIN.OSX x86 x64]


Wave Arts Complete Bundle (VST, RTAS) [WIN.OSX x86 x64]

Restoration Suite 5.70
MR Click – Suppresses clicks and effects from jumping the needle
MR Hum – Suppressor of buzzing and buzzing, high order filters and Spectral display
MR Noise – Powerful wideband noise canceller
MR Gate – Noise gate
Master Restoration – All that is listed above in one plugin

Power Suite 5.70

• TrackPlug
The TrackPlug plug-in includes a 10-band equalizer and a compressor / gate simultaneously. It is designed for processing tracks when mixing. And although the algorithms sound quite standard, TrackPlug has a low CPU utilization, so it can be used in any multitrack program even on low-power computers.
• MasterVerb
Reverberation module MasterVerb. It used a unique reverberation algorithm that takes into account the specificity of the propagation of reflected sound waves in various types of acoustic spaces, taking into account their frequency components. It should be noted that the processing results in MasterVerb differed from those obtained in other programs by its softness and transparency. As a result, the program was recommended not only for mastering purposes, but in general as a usual effect-processor for reduction and processing.
• FinalPlug
This is a maximizer module with the ability to switch to different digits with the dithering algorithm. MultiDynamics – a six-band compressor / expander / gate, de-esser and a special algorithm for smoothing.
• MultiDynamics
Powerful multi-band compressor. Useful for mastering, noise reduction, sound maximization, sound design and other.
• Panorama
The Panorama plug-in is designed for binaural 3D panning (including dynamic panning). The technology of HRTF (head-related transfer function) is used. Also acoustic characteristics of space (reflections, reverberation, distance, Doppler effect) are modeled. The result is primarily intended for listening in headphones, but there is a technology for removing interpenetration of channels for listening through speakers.

Tube Saturator 1.20

The plug-in is designed to simulate the heat of the lamp sound and to give the signal the characteristics of the analog equipment. You can use it as a delimiter.

Changes in new versions:
MAS versions are now 64-bit compatible (will work in Digital Performer 8 ONLY)
Restored missing HRTF options in Panorama
Fixed RTAS pops when starting transport (Tube Saturator)
Fixed TrackPlug black GUI / crashes in a certain situation
Fixed TrackPlug AU audio problem in Digital Performer
Potential crash using Panorama at 88.2K sample rate
Fixed minor Dialog rendering glitches
Moved some Cocoa GUI code to common framework to clean up warning messages in Console (Mac)
Master Restoration Windows installer fixes