Tone2 – Gladiator 2.3 (VSTi) [MacOSX x86]


Tone2 – Gladiator 2.3 (VSTi) [MacOSX x86]

Year of manufacture : 2012
Version : 2.3
Developer : Tone2
Developer’s site : Tone2
Platform : iNTEL
Language : English
Tablet : License file
System requirements : OSX 10.3+

Description :

Tone2 – Gladiator 2 – a powerful virtual synthesizer deserving special attention. This tool, perhaps, is the best among tools of this size. Sint Tone2 has a new type of synthesis, allowing you to get a tight wide sound. Available HCM, FM, and AM distortion. There are a huge number of presets distributed in categories, containing a whole range of synthetic instruments and effects. Its sound is very soft, warm and that is not unimportant – professional. Along with such monsters as Nexus, Atmosphere and other voluminous synthesizers, Tone2 Gladiator sounds just as juicy and serious. However, in the new, latest version of the Gladiator 2 synthesizer, there are many visual settings that allow you to change the selected sound to unrecognizability. The synthesis method is HCM. Recommended, the version from all the beloved AiR. In conclusion, I want to say that this synthesizer is the most popular on our site, this tool is downloaded by you the greatest number of times.

Features :

– Huge sound range: unique analog warm, clear and bold sound.
– Low CPU usage.
– Semi-modular composition: flexible and expandable.
– More than 1000 presets.
– Decoding of full stereo and Dolby Prologic II.
– Up to 18 oscillators per vote. 4x stereo unison.
– 110 different types of oscillators with 36865 waveforms.
– 162-fold oversampling.
– Psychoacoustic treatment.
– 41 unique filters (analog, vocal, combined, type Moog, phaser, equalizer, etc.).
– 20 different effects.
– 7 types of distortion for obtaining a warm analog sound.
– Programmable arpeggiator, step-by-step LFO and trans-gate.
– Sync by tempo.
– IQM for cleaner microtuning.