TBProAudio – gEQ12 1.4.2 (VST, VST3, RTAS, AAX) [Win x86 x64]


TBProAudio – gEQ12 1.4.2 (VST, VST3, RTAS, AAX) [Win x86 x64]

Year / Release Date : June 24, 2013
Version : 1.4.2
Developer : TBProAudio
Developer’s site : TBProAudio
Format : VST, VST3, RTAS, AAX
Bit depth : 32bit, 64bit
Tabletka : cured
System requirements : Windows XP SP3 or newer, Tested with: Cockos Reaper, Steinberg Cubase / Nuendo / Wavelab 6/7/8, FL Studio 12.x, Studio One, ProTools 12.3.1 (from AudioUTOPiA)

Description :

GEQ 12 – 12-band stereo / MS graphic equalizer with an accurate spectrum analyzer and a minimum / linear phase mode.
Modern data and mastering processes require a fully functional, yet easy-to-use equalizer that can accurately form the tone of a track, bass, or master track. EEQ 12 provides all the necessary tools in one package with some unique features. The display shows the spectrum of the incoming and outgoing signal. GEQ 12 has a unique feature that the signal spectrum at the output is directly calculated from the spectrum of the incoming signal (spectrum at the input – filter curve = outgoing spectrum). This allows you to capture the incoming signal to freeze it and change those filter curves that need to be adjusted based on the spectrum of the outgoing signal. The filter has 12 separate bands. Each band has its own display knob and can be configured individually by type, stereo position (all, left / middle and right / side), steepness, frequency, gain and Q-factor. GEQ 12 offers 9 analogue modulated and 8 digital filters (Butterworth). The quality of the filtering can be increased by oversampling. This guarantees an “analog” magnitude / phase response close to the Nyquist frequency. gEQ12 can operate in several modes of minimum or linear phase response with minimal processor load.


12 independent filter bands, extended frequency range 10Hz – 48kHz
17 filter types, analog / digital design, zero delay IIR
filter slope up to 96dB
independent stereo / left / right / mid / side processing per band
7 processing modes: zero latency, minimum / linear phase
stereo / MS processing (eg stereo / mono split)
sample rates up to 192 kHz
“real” over sampling, up to 4x
hi-res spectrum analyzer with 32k FFT-based ISO R40 frequencies
pre / post-EQ, average / live spectrum, stereo / left / right / mid / side
narrow-band sweeping mode
spectrum freeze mode
very easy alignment of filter response
sample exact A / B toggle for all processing modes
precise parameter input
large and easy to use GUI
interactive spectrum / EQ display
full DAW automation support, smooth filter frequency change
64-bit internal processing
very efficient CPU usage design


New in version:

– AAX: fix rounding int values
– Analyzer: show / hide grid added
– Analyzer: Live history update
– Presets: revised
– Bypass: fixed latency compensation when plugin is bypassed in some hosts (eg Cubase, Studio One, Logic …)
– SavePreset: fixed problem with preset name characters
– Preset Scanning: fixed crash
– PDC: fix for Plugin Doctor
(Note: due to addition of new parameter, old user presets do no longer work, existing DAW project settings should still work)