Square Saw Sound – SSS-Polysynth (KONTAKT)


Square Saw Sound – SSS-Polysynth (KONTAKT)

Description : Polisintha was produced by EMS in 1978 during financial difficulties and therefore was discontinued later in the same year. EMS produced less than 30 polysynthetic synthesizers, and therefore EMS Polysynthi is an incredibly rare instrument.
The FULL version of Kontakt 5.8 or above is required.

Additional Information

The Polysynthi had a fully control 4 Voltage Controlled Oscillator Bank (VCBO). There was only 1 VCA and 1 Filter, switchable between 2 poles (12dB) or 4 poles (24dB), therefore the instrument was really only para-phonic.
The Polysynthi featured 2 x Voltage Controlled LFO’s (VCLFO) with ADSR’s sine and variable pulse waveforms. LFO’s couldn’t have been allowed to control the control signal such as the filter or the analog delay line. The Polysynthi has a switch for short echoes and a long echoes switch for short echoes. It was a noise generator. Polysynthi’s VCBO mixer section.
The SSS-Polysynth Sample Library contains 3 x Kontakt Instruments:
There are a total of 213 multi-sampled “patches.” Each sample has been selected.
Loop machine
The Loop Machine contains 186 looped sequences. Each sequence has been stretched across the keyboard from the keyboard to the G8.
SFX is a collection of 184 sound effects for all soundscapes and special effects. The samples are spread across the keyboard. There are 2 ‘banks’ of SFX that can be selected via the instrument’s preset menu.
Main Edit Panel Features:
– Multi Filter (LPF / BPF / HPF)
– ADSR Amplitude Envelope
– Multi Filter ADSR Envelope
– Pitch Envelope
– Multi Wave LFO (controls filter freq. Cutoff)
– LFO controlling the Multi Filter ‘Type’
– Vibrato / Auto Panner / Tremolo
– DBD Envelope
– Limiter
– Stereo Width Control
– Tape Saturation
– Portamento
Effects Edit Panel Features:
– Chorus
– Phaser
– Delay
– flanger
– Lo-Fi / Bit Crusher + Noise Generator
– Rotary
– Parallel Compressor
– Tube Drive
– Convolution Reverb
– Speaker Cabinets + Preamp Drive (Distortion)

Publisher : Square Saw Sound
Website : Square Saw Sound
Format : KONTAKT
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo