Spitfire Audio – Frank Ricotti Glockenspiel (KONTAKT)


Spitfire Audio – Frank Ricotti Glockenspiel (KONTAKT)

Frank Ricotti is a living legend. Beyond being one of the most in demand percussionists in the world for the top recording artists, he has played on innumerable film scores such as Inception, Skyfall, Twilight Saga, Madagascar, Interstellar, Narnia, Fantastic Mr Fox, Dark Knight, Bourne series, etc. There isn’t an hour in the day where, somewhere in the world, his playing isn’t being broadcast.


Consisting of a series of tuned metal keys and named after the German for ‘bell’ the Glockenspiel finds its way onto a vast array of recordings. Whether it be childish lullabies, spanking records by Radiohead, horrific films featuring sleeping children, or manic clowns to dreamy fairytales. The Glockenspiel will stay with us for life, from our toy box to the deepest darkest fears sitting in darkness in a movie theatre.

With the recent folk renaissance, the glock has become one of the most popular tuned percussion instruments of recent times. These little beauties are not easy to record well, nor make truly convincing, which is why an extensive mic array gives you choices beyond plugins to get the sound you’re looking for, whether mellow and bell like to bright and sparkling.


  • Glisses
  • Main (Extra Soft)
  • Main (Hard)
  • Main (Medium Soft)
  • Main (Medium)
  • Main (Soft)
  • Rolls (Hard)
  • Rolls (Soft)
  • Shorts (Hard)
  • Shorts (Medium Soft)
  • Tremolo (Hard)
  • Tremolo (Soft)

Publisher : Spitfire Audio
Website : spitfireaudio.com/frank-ricotti-glockenspiel
Format : KONTAKT
Quality : 24 bit 96 kHz stereo