Sonic Academy – How to Make Ruby with Enamour – REPACK [Tutorial, ENG]


Sonic Academy – How to Make Ruby with Enamour – REPACK [Tutorial, ENG]

We present you one more exclusive from Sonic Academy and are pleased to welcome the new teacher – producer and DJ from Washington, DC – Enamour, who will take us through How To Make Ruby – his latest track, just released on Anjunadeep, which currently causes the most positive emotions for those who are on the stage of Progressive House.

With its beautiful arpeggiating lead and a continuous synthetic pad hum that takes you to the braidown of the track before taking off again at full speed, Ruby is a “journey” in the literal sense of the word, and Enamour pays attention to details, ensuring smooth movements to create this amazing track.
Starting from a blank canvas, we start with a melodic hook, and then we impose basses and pads and collect the drum groove. Then we move on to the basic arrangement, before filling the general sound with background atmosphere and shots using dexterous processing methods. The final section of the course deals with increasing tension and movement with the help of full automation, before mixing and switching to mastering, preparing everything for the clubs.
The level of detail of every aspect of this track is simply amazing, and this course is full of tips and tricks for all users.


Missing video has been added (Tutorial 06 – Arrangement Part 2.ts)
Some videos have been upgraded to 1080p

Tutorial 01 – Introduction and Playthrough 06m 06s
Tutorial 02 – Melodic Theme 10m 17s
Tutorial 03 – Bass and Synth Pad 17m 17s
Tutorial 04 – Building the Drums 35m 28s
Tutorial 05 – Arrangement Part 1 23m 48s
Tutorial 06 – Arrangement Part 2 18m 19s
Tutorial 07 – Adding Ambience and Supporting Elements 22m 10s
Tutorial 08 – Adding Melodic FX and One Shots 34m 40s Tutorial 09 – Building Tension Part 1 22m 03s
Tutorial 10 – Building Tension Part 2 29m 02s
Tutorial 11 – Enhancing Transitions 19m 22s
Tutorial 12 – Automation and Modulation 16m 51s
Tutorial 13 – Mixdown Part 1 22m 11s
Tutorial 14 – Mixdown Part 2 28m 16s
Tutorial 15 – Mastering 17m 39s
How to Make Ruby with Enamour Project
Ruby – Remix Stems

Year of release : 2019
Manufacturer : Sonic Academy
Manufacturer Website : sonicacademy
Posted by : ENAMOUR
Duration : 05 h 23 m
Type of handing out material : Video Tutorial
Example files : LOOK 1 , LOOK 2
Video Format : TS
Video : 571-2303 Kbps sec, 1920 * 1080 (16: 9), 30,000 frames sec, AVC
Audio : 44.1 KHz, 2 channels, AAC
Language : English