SoloStuff – SoloRack 1.3.1 (VSTi) [Win x86 x64]


SoloStuff – SoloRack 1.3.1 (VSTi) [Win x86 x64]

SoloRack is a modular synthesizer that mimics the convenience and functionality of Eurorack hardware modular systems without imposing restrictions on sound. It is possible to emulate both analog models and purely digital modules. Even experienced Eurorack users will find something new in almost all available modules, while maintaining familiarity and similarities with Eurorack for ease of use and seamless integration into Eurorack systems.
Main characteristics:
• Virtually no limit on the number of modules in racks that can be added.
• System B is currently shipped with various modules. Including oscillator modules, filters, amplifiers, mixers, panner, ADSR, VCLFO, Random-Sample and Hold, noise reduction module, delay module, chorus module, reverb module, ring modulators, CV sequencer, trigger sequencer and many other utilities such as Input / Ouput, MIDI to CV, DAW tempo, clock divider, logic Tool, switch and CV tools.
• Can work as an effect with multiple inputs and outputs.
• Both 14bit and 7bit MIDI are supported simultaneously and automatically without prior tuning! (LSB / MSB is currently used).
• Polyphony is possible using manual installation, as is done in hardware. Or through sequencer modules.
• Multichannel MIDI support. Can be used to create multi-timbral voices.
• MIDI patches and MIDI cables are routed between modules, all work at the speed of sound!
• Supports bi-directional ports that can simultaneously operate as inputs and outputs. As in some Eurorack modules, for example, for switches.
• The number of resampling up to X256 is proposed. This is NOT an interpolation method. This is the actual increase in internal sampling rate inside the synthesizer. This means that it can process ultrasound. These functions are provided to people who aspire to quality, and not to the fact that its processor could cope with it !!.
• Designed from the ground up to be effective for the CPU. With optimization performed at every level or development, not only at the output of the signal.
• Supports connectivity to modular equipment (including, but not limited to, Eurorack). With 10 audio / CV inputs, 12 audio / CV outputs. (Note: for a low-frequency CV, you will need an interface that has DC-connected inputs / outputs. Or use special modules such as Expert Sleepers (TM) ES-6 and ES-3.
• Currently there are 220 presets available (plus additional variations).
• It is expected that more modules will be added.

New in version:

All the 67 modules are in it and activated.
Added S713 Swing / Rotate Clock Divider / Multiplier.
Added S626 Dual Band Phaser. (Included in System B).
Added SE10 Dual Volt Meter. (Included in System B).
Added S702 Reset Clock Divider. (Included in System B).
Added S225 Allpass Phase Shifter.
Added S609 VC Bit Crusher. (Included in System B).
Added S902 EG / LFO Level Converter. (Included in System B).
Added S906 Envelope Follower.
Custom per module clip level. Through right click menu.
1.2 changes since 1.1 VR release :
Support for 3rd party developer modules. (Still in alpha stage).
Added S525 VC Envelope Generator / LFO.
Added S213 Morphing VCF. (Included in System B).
Added S620 Frequency Shifter.
Added SE06 Hardware Tuner. (Included in System B).
Added S607 Aliasing Waveshaper.
Added a few more presets demonstrating some of the new modules.
A few fixes here and there.

Year / Release Date : 09.2018
Version : 1.3.1
Developer : SoloStuff
Developer site : SoloStuff
Format : VSTi
Digit capacity : 32bit, 64bit
Tabletka : present \ R2R
System Requirements :
Current PC running Windows XP or above.
At least 1GB of RAM
32bit or 64bit VST compatible host (DAW).