Skillshare – Songwriting from scratch – How to write an EDM melody [Tutorial, ENG]


Skillshare – Songwriting from scratch – How to write an EDM melody [Tutorial, ENG]

This is not a video about the production process! In particular, it is aimed at you if you want to create beats and produce, but you do not know how the musical side works? This course uses examples from the EDM genre, although the methods discussed here can be used to create any kind of pop music. The course will use Logic Pro X on an Apple Mac, but there is no reason why you cannot reproduce everything that I do in any other comparable DAW on any computer.
When you watch the video and hopefully get a better idea of ​​how harmony and melody fit together, create a melody for an embedded MIDI file of three chords and is two measures long. Three chords are:
(1 Dmin) in D minor (2 Bb) in B-flat major and (3 F) in F major. The notes that make up th

D Minor – D, F, A
B Flat Major – Bb, D, F
F major – F, A, C
In measure 1, start creating your own melody using notes from D minor and B flat major
In measure 2, create your own melody using notes from F major.
Please go back to the “Example MIDI track” video for instructions and tips on writing your own EDM ringtone! Good luck! I look forward to hearing what you create!


MIDI file 3 chords.mid
Analysis of Avicii ‘Wake me up’
Analysis of LMFAO ‘Party rock anthem’
Analysis of Major Lazer and DJ Snake ‘Lean on’
Example MIDI track

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