Reverb Machine – TAL U-NO-LX Presets (SYNTH PRESET)


Reverb Machine – TAL U-NO-LX Presets (SYNTH PRESET)

Roland Juno, which has become a real classic, has the ability to bring warmth to any track, whatever it touches. With a killer combination of digital oscillators and this legendary Juno Horus – just a real beast. With 138 patches for TAL U-NO-LX, you will have on hand a recognizable full range of classic Juno sounds.
The Juno-60 was equipped with an arpeggiator function. You’ll find a lot of arpeggio patches, including Chiptune Chords, Stranger Things Arps, and Synthwave Basslines, which trigger synchronized bass lines, perfect for synthetic music.

Although Juno synthesizers are usually associated with chords with chorus and leads, they can also create monster basses. Patches are divided into Brassy, ​​Long and Plucked, making it easy to find a bass patch for your production. The sound ranges from subtle, emotional bass to huge, powerful tones, and also includes some rumbling basses, ideal for working on a soundtrack.
The combination of digital oscillators and analogue horus is a great combination for ambient pads. Some of my favorite presets are Drifting Keys patches, reminiscent of Boards of Canada, Ambient Eno and Ethereal patches, which carry U-NO-LX to strange places.
Patches are ideal for use in psychedelic, indie, ambient and synthetic music and were designed to inspire new compositions.

Copy the folder with the presets in C: \ Users \ USERNAME \ AppData \ Roaming \ ToguAudioLine \ TAL-U-No-LX \ presets

Publisher : Reverb Machine
Website : reverbmachine