StudioLinkedVST OvO RnB 2 Workstation (VST, AU) [Win, OSX x86 x64]

OvO RnB 2 Workstation is here. Compatible for both Windows 32/64-Bit and Mac VST/AU. Taking modern Hip-Hop to the next level. OvO RnB 2 is the follow up to award winning OvO RnB we released in Jan 2015. Covers 8 instrument categories that are sure to make your beats have that Drake, The Weekend, Future type of sound.

Celemony – Melodyne Studio 4 STANDALONE, VST, VST3, RTAS, AAX, AU WIN. OSX x86 x64

Melodyne is a software application for OS X or Windows with which you can edit audio in a more musical way than was ever thought possible. In Melodyne, you work with notes – and not with a meaningless wave form. You don’t just see where the music gets louder or quieter but also where notes begin and end and at what pitch they lie. You can modify each note and thereby influence directly the intonation, phrasing and dynamics – ...

StudioLinked – Bundle Plugins (VSTi, AAX) [Win x64]

STORCH is a virtual instrument, designed with the participation of ambitious music producers and beat-makers. This dynamic software is influenced by the legendary brand sounds of Scott Storch and includes 300 presets, divided into 18 categories of instruments. Categories include: Stringed, Drums, Dirty Pianos, Reversed EPs, 808, Arps and more. Moreover, users can create their own original sound with effects, functions and controls, such as spe...

CableGuys – Plugin Bundle (VST) [Win x64]

Welcome to the world of extended, slowed-down sound with HalfTime, the only plug-in, 100% designed to create slow-motion effects, using Armin van Buuren, David Guetta, members of 808 Mafia, The Chemical Brothers and others.
HalfTime converts any sound into a grim, slow version of yourself, giving your tracks the appropriate mood and atmosphere. Leading synthesizers mutate into heavyweight EDM bass monsters. The piano lines turn into a tru...

SuperWave – Plugins Bundle 1.0.1 (VSTi) [Win x64]

D-707 1.1 is the perfect drum module for creating Vintage Acid, House, Electro, Hip Hop, Electronica, Rock and Pop music.
D-727 1.1 is the perfect drum module for Latin percussion instruments for your music.
D-808 1.6 is the perfect drum module for creating genre music of Acid, R & B, Hip-Hop, Dance and Techno.
D-909 1.6 is the perfect drum module for creating music for Dance, Trance and Techno.
Equinoxe \ HD 1.1 &ndash...

Applied Acoustics Systems – Plugin Bundle + Commercial Soundbanks (VSTi, VSTi3) [Win x64]

Applied Acoustics Systems has released Strum Acoustic GS-2, which simulates an acoustic guitar synthesizer, which brings a fresh solution to producers and composers to create acoustic guitar tracks.
Based on the latest AAS physical modeling technology, STRUM contains a collection of acoustic guitars with steel and nylon strings. A sophisticated “voice” module automatically plays the chords played on the keyboard, as if you wer...

112dB – Plugins Pack – (VST, VST3, AAX) [Win x64]

112dB.Big.Blue.Compressor is a modern compressor with vintage quality. Despite the fact that it can sound transparent whenever necessary, it is designed to give significance and warmth to your sound.
112dB.Big.Blue.Limiter- a limiter that uses analog modulation in its circuit, makes the sound more warm and bold, adds a kind of charisma. Intuitive and versatile interface, allows you to adjust delays, minimum CPU load and many other advanta...

BeatSkillz – Bundle (VST, VST3, AAX) [Win x86 x64]

Reelight is a belt saturator with many functions for obtaining authentic tape, as well as some of the desired artifacts associated with the tape. The plugin reliably emulates the saturation / compression of the tape, the common sound and vibration, and was created using RTT’s own Beatskillz technology (used in valvesque).