Aubit – Chain-Pop Vol. 1 (LIVE, MIDI, WAV, SERUM)

Aubit, the team behind best-selling packs’ Gray Vol. 1 ‘,’ ODESSA Vol. 1 & 2 & apos ;, & apos; Plume Vol. 1 ‘and much more, presents the biggest and most versatile pack we have ever created – Chain-Pop Vol. 1. This pack is the product of the months of our team’s creativity, innovation and refinement. It includes; Serum presets and noises, drum samples and loops, MIDI loops, guitar loops, Ableton ...

Valhalla DSP – Bundle  (VST, VST3, AAX) [Win x86 x64]

High-quality reverb with very smooth recession, is both dense and “colorless”. It has several reverb settings that allow you to set the decay rate of different sizes, from small rooms to a huge environment. By adjusting the Feedback, Diffusion and Size parameters, the attack, shutter speed and decay of the reverberation signal are adjusted. Two tone controls and Color Mode modes allow you to adjust the tone from bright and shiny to...

SWAM Engine Audio Modelling – SWAM Engine Bundle  (VSTi, AAX) [Win x64]

Audio Modeling SWAM Engine – SaxA, SaxT, SaxB v1.1.1
Audio Modeling SWAM Engine – Viola.v2.0.1
Audio Modeling SWAM Engine – Double Bass v2.0.1
Audio Modeling SWAM Engine – Double Reeds v2.8.1
Audio Modeling SWAM Engine – Cello v2.0.1
Audio Modeling SWAM Engine – Clarinets v2.8.1
Audio Modeling SWAM Engine – Soprano Sax v2.7.0
Audio Modeling SWAM Engine – Flutes ...

Sonible – Freiraum 1.1.1 + SmartEQ Live 1.0.1  (VST, VST3, AAX) [Win x64]

Sonible Freiraum is a fully interactive equalizer with modern quality mastering. Each band can be used in the classic mode for manual EQ, or in a unique “smart” mode, which offers automatic recognition and removal of problem resonances in different frequency bands. Also Sonible Freiraum offers Proximity EQ mode, which allows you to adjust the direct sound and reverb ratio within any frequency range in a few clicks, as well as the E...

Kazrog – Bundle (VST, VST3, AAX) [Win x86 x64]

Kazrog – True Iron v.1.0.6 (x64)
Kazrog – KClip3 v3.0.2
Thermionik – Amp Model List
Thermionik Amped Bass – Ampeg SVT
Thermionik Bassmensch – Fender ’59 Bassman
Thermionik Blackverb – Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb
Thermionik Chimp – Fender ’62 Champ
Thermionik Damage 120 – ENGL Savage 120
Thermionik Duality 2ch – Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifi...

Initial Audio – Boom Bap Bang Drum Kit 1.0.0 + 808.STUDIO 1.3 (VSTi) [Win x86 x64]

Initial Audio – Boom Bap Bang Drum Kit 1.0.0
Description : “A set of percussion shock bumpers” includes more than 730 drum beats! This is 500 megabytes of high-quality WAV with one shot. But that’s not all ! We created a unique Vintage Style “Boom Bap Vst Plugin” with all of our wav files, placed in Beast Beast pads, which are ideal for ease of use. The software works as a plug-in Windows 32Bit and 64Bi...