Minty Drums – NESYNTH (SF2)


Minty Drums – NESYNTH (SF2)

The one who grew up in the 80s knew the sound of NES, this Ricoh 2A03 sound chip created the soundtrack to the movie of several hours of entertainment. Used in the Chiptune world for quite a long time, we bring this unique 8-bit sound to you, like The NESYNTH.


Every waveform, note and variation was recorded from a clean NES unit’s 2A03 chip into an SSL pre.
Triangle, pulse waves all at 4 duty cycles, noise channel and bonus super dirty PCM cartridge drums.
Includes rises and falls; fast, medium and slow for those classic blips
Mid-keys and / or pads with your favorite softsampler (ie Kontakt, EXS24, Maschine)
1GB Download, in Soundfont format (.sf2) *
* Check your soft sampler manual for .sf2 compatibility

Additional Information:

Anyone who grew up during the 80’s knew the sound of the NES, it’s Ricoh 2A03 sound chip created the soundtrack to hours of entertainment. Utilized in the chiptune world for quite a while now, we bring it’s unique 8-bit sound to you as The NESYNTH.