Goldbaby – Tape Drum Machines Vol.2 (for fxpansion Guru and NI Battery3, WAV)


Goldbaby – Tape Drum Machines Vol.2 (for fxpansion Guru and NI Battery3, WAV)

More drum machines are given the tape love… Yet again a truly outstanding collection of drum machine samples infused with the vibe of tape. The analog drum machines have multiple samples of each drum sound to use in Round Robin Layering. This gives you a more analog feel. The Kits and Bundles have examples of this for you to check out. The supplied Kits and Bundles only use a small portion of the samples on offer in the sample folder. So what are you waiting for explore the sonic possibilities See second page for naming convention…

Review of the Tape Drum Machines Vol 2
New Zealand’s premier drum machine enthusiast has struck gold again with this selection of meticulous recordings that really put the ‘anal’ back into analogue. Featuring classic beatboxes such as the LinnDrum, TR-626, DR-55 and Synsonic Pro, recorded to three different tape machines, this collection is a must have for those after crusty old percusion sounds. The samples are recorded with varing levels of distortion, so there’s a choice of pristine or crumched-up versions of the sounds.The amount of content here is amazing, especially considering the price. This pack is increadible value.

Vol 2 contains:
10 Drum Machines and 3 Tape Machines. 1838 x 24 Bit drum samples
Plus bonus: 36 x CR-78 Rex beats
Drum Machines used: Linn Drum, CR-78, TR-626, DDR-30, Bohm, DR-55, RPM-40, RX-5, KPR-77 and the Synsonics Pro.
The Tape machines used: Ampex valve 1/2 inch 2 track, Otari MX5050 1/4 inch 2 track, and the Hitachi 3 head Cassette deck.
Tape Drum Machines Vol 1 has been a huge success and has had rave reviews … we have no doubt Vol 2 will as well!

Developer : GOLDBABY
Format : fxpansion GURU, NI Battery3 / WAV
Quality : WAV mono, stereo, 24 bits, 44100 kHz