Divided Souls – Southern Fried (WAV)


Divided Souls – Southern Fried (WAV)

Fresh from their musical organizations, the duties on the last album “face with a scar” are deeply entrenched, divided souls Entertainment has returned from their first installment to its newest sound kit. Where the 12 bit Soul series is focused primarily on drum sounds, this is the latest luxury luxury showcase range with live guitars, keys, basses, and more.


37 Bass riffs / grooves
119 Guitar riffs / grooves
31 Organs / Electric Pianos
12 Kicks
12 Snares
26 Percussions sounds / loops
10 Miscellaneous sounds

Additional Information:

Fresh off their musical arranging duties on Scarface’s latest album Deeply Rooted, Divided Souls Entertainment is back with their first installment in their newest sound kit entitled Southern Fried. Where the 12 Bit Soul series is focused on primarily drum sounds, this latest sound suite showcases the range with live guitars, keys, basses, and more. Not only does this kit have sounds that can be used as stand alone creations, but many can be used as an immediate compliments to any production style.