Cockos REAPER 5.941 RePack & Portable by TryRooM [Win x86 x64]


Cockos REAPER 5.941 RePack & Portable by TryRooM [Win x86 x64]

Cockos Reaper is one of the most advanced programs for creating music, both in the studio and at home.
The main feature of the program is that it has pattern, keyboard and audio editing.
You can set an unlimited number of audio or midi tracks, not counting how many virtual instruments of VST format can be added.
Reaper takes not so much space on the hard disk and does not load the processor, as programs from the FL Studio, Cubase, Reason or Sonar series.
With this program, you can work even on low-power computers with sound cards that do not support Full duplex operating modes.
Although, if the soundcard supports this mode, you will get unlimited opportunities to create your own compositions with professional sound even in formats such as 5 + 1, and if you have additional plug-ins, and 7 + 1.

The great advantage of the program is that it supports VST / VST3, not counting support for DirectX plug-ins. You can use both built-in audio editing or midi tracks, and third-party plug-ins.
The program also supports the connection of virtual tools ReWire.
Thanks to the harmonious interface, you can always see what you are editing at the moment.
A virtual multichannel remote control is always in front of your eyes – with its help you can instantly perform operations with changing the volume, editing effects on both a single track and on the Master track.

Additional Information:
• 64-bit audio processing.
• Extremely wide and flexible routing features. The ability to send a signal in different directions.
• Audio modulation by means of which sidechain can be applied even to those plugins that do not support it. Such functionality, usually, can be implemented only in hardware studios with expensive external equipment, and not in software audio stations.
• Universal, hybrid type of tracks.
• Unlimited number of tracks.
• Unlimited number of items (clips) within one track
• Ability to use an unlimited number of effects on a single track
• Applying effects not only on the tracks, but also on items (clips)
• The ability to copy / paste between several simultaneously open projects, as well as their simultaneous playback.
• Work with files of different sampling frequency and bit depth in one project.
• Combining tracks into groups.
• The system of duplicates, which allows you to record Audio / MIDI fragments in several attempts, and then select the most successful option.
• Multi-channel audio recording.
• Full support for MIDI devices (MIDI keyboards, synthesizers, etc.)
• Changes in pace, size in different parts of the same project.
• Automation of parameters.
• Extensive collection of audio effects
API: fix ReaLearn crash
API: support GetSetMediaTrackInfo (P_PROJECT)
MIDI hardware: MIDI device:
add ALSA MIDI support
add system hidpi detection, can disable using ui_scale_auto = 0 in reaper.ini, or override using ui_scale =
improve appearance, include libSwell.colortheme (copy to .config / REAPER / libSwell-user.colortheme to override)
rename main executable reaper (from reaper5)
fix control surface support
fix external editor support
fix file association icons
simplify desktop integration
MIDI devices
add retry button to audio / MIDI device error window
warn when a device is not connected.
show previously-connected devices
enable / disable devices / consistency between multiple computers
rescan when opening (may depend on driver / OS behavior)
This is a large number of steps.
improve win32 / mac plug-in filename parsing for saved projects linux
add rate control for spectrograph plug-in
gfx_getchar (65536) returns special window information flags
fix validation of PCM_source parameters •
gfx.getchar (65536) or gfx_getchar (65536) return special window information flags
add ffmpeg 4.0 support
add Colorize preset
gfx_procrect () can take mode = 1 to apply Y values ​​to U / V (colorization mode)
Control surfaces
send active-sensing messages for HUI mode
do not re-open MIDI
What’s new:
and opening tabs
MIDI device or reset (may depend on the specific driver / OS behavior)
do not use the default square points of the envelope for parameters with a large number of steps •
improved win32 / Mac plugin parsing files for projects saved on linux
add speed control for plugin spectrograph
gfx_getchar (65536) returns a special window “information” flags
correction of parameter checking
PCM_source •
gfx.getchar (65536) or gfx_getchar (65536) return special window information flags
add support for ffmpeg 4.0
add pre-color
gfx_procrect () can accept
mode = 1 to apply Y values ​​to U / V (colorization mode)
Steering wheel
send active messages for HUI mode
do not reopen MIDI editors for elements that have editors hidden

Version Features:
Type: installation, unpacking (Portable by TryRooM)
Languages: english / russian
Treatment: not required (Patch_Team R2R).
Optional: grab the license and the settings file reaper-license.rk, reaper.ini if ​​they are located
next to the installer. Works in both stationary and portable versions.
Command line keys:
Silent installation of the Russian version: / VERYSILENT / I / RU
Silent installation of the English version: / VERYSILENT / I / EN
Silent unpacking: / VERYSILENT / P
Do not create desktop shortcut: / nd
Do not create a shortcut in the Start menu: / NS
Choice of installation location: / D = PATH
Key / D = PATH should be the most recent
For example: installfile.exe / VERYSILENT / I / D = C: MyProgram

Year of release: 2018
Version: 5.941
Address of. Site: Cockos
Build author : by TryRooM
Interface language: Russian, English
Treatment: not required (the installer has already been treated) (Patch_Team R2R).
System requirements:
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 32/64-bit