CDSoundMaster – VTMC-M2 1.1 VST + NOiNSTALL (VST) [Win x64 x86]


CDSoundMaster – VTMC-M2 1.1 VST + NOiNSTALL (VST) [Win x64 x86]

Year / Release Date : 12.2017
Version : 1.1
Developer : CDSoundMaster
Developer’s site : CDSoundMaster
Format : VST
Bit depth : 64bit
Tabletka : cured
System requirements : VST host

Description :

The simulator of the tube vintage compressor for mastering.
VTMC-M2 is the second plug-in developed by Michael Heiler and Michael Angel. The sound system, signal chain and processing design is the original concept created by Michael Angel, which began to be realized back in 2005 and until 2009. Michael Heiler provided an ideal partnership in the field of coding and development, to embody this process in the form of a plug-in. This was done for the development team “Mx2” under the exclusive release of CDSoundMaster. VTMC-M2 stands for “Vintage Tube Mastering Compressor”, developed by “Mx2” or “Michael Times Two”. The original signal circuit concept developed by Michael Angel CDSoundMaster is called “Virtual Interactive Signal Circuit Technology” and was brilliantly implemented in code.

This unique process is realized with the help of the most advanced and complex system for reconstructing analog circuits with optimization when using the procedure of audio stream processing and memory. It is able to generate a more complex response than other algorithmic processes. Each device created using the technology of virtual interactive signal circuits is designed with the focus on real analog recording devices to achieve maximum realism and superior sound. “Vintage Tube Mastering Compressor” presents three incredibly complex characteristics, each of which contains extremely high expectations. We are sure that you will find that the VTMC-M2 performs this task with an amazing personality that will find its place in a wide range when processing mixes and final masters. VTMC-M2 is not an emulator of one particular device. It is based on many years of practical knowledge of many classical devices, each of which is known for its special character and capabilities.

The lamp sound design VTMC-M2 is a completely original sound and connoisseurs instantly recognize the nature of the tube sound in this device. You can keep the sound untouched or get more outright aggression.