CDSoundMaster – BRTC-M2 1.0.2 + NOiNSTALL (VST) [Win x64 x86]


CDSoundMaster – BRTC-M2 1.0.2 + NOiNSTALL (VST) [Win x64 x86]

Year / Release Date : 12.2017
Version : 1.0.2
Developer : CDSoundMaster
Developer’s site : CDSoundMaster
Format : VST
Bit depth : 64bit
Tabletka : cured
System requirements : VST host

Description :

Software simulator of a tube compressor.
BRTC-M2 is the third plug-in developed by Michael Heiler and Michael Angel. The sound system, signal chain and processing design is the original concept created by Michael Angel, which began to be realized back in 2005 and until 2009. Michael Heiler provided an ideal partnership in the field of coding and development, to embody this process in the form of a plug-in. This was done for the development team “Mx2” under the exclusive release of CDSoundMaster.
Now, after an additional year of development, we are pleased to present the BRTC-M2 Big Round Tube Compressor, developed by Mx2 or Michael Times Two. The BRTC is the ideal compressor for mixing with 3 tube settings and two separate compressor response settings. This unique process is realized with the help of the most advanced and complex system for reconstructing analog circuits with optimization when using the procedure of audio stream processing and memory. It is able to generate a more complex response than other algorithmic processes. Each device created using the technology of virtual interactive signal circuits is designed with the focus on real analog recording devices to achieve maximum realism and superior sound. The “Big Round Tube Compressor” is an incredibly complex signal processing process using the familiar VTMC-M2 layout with a completely unique tube sound.
BRTC-M2 is not an emulator of one particular device. It is based on many years of practical knowledge of many classical devices, each of which is known for its special character and capabilities. The BRTC-M2 ideally complements the VTMC-M2. While both compressors are excellent for mixing and mastering tasks, the VTMC-M2 is nevertheless specially designed for high-end mastering, and the BRTC-M2 is more optimized for working from group to individual tracks, from vocal to bass guitar and has been carefully constructed , so that your tracks come to life!
The BRTC-M2 is one of those unique, stunning sound compressors that will find a place in any combination of any musical genre.

Installation Recommendations:

Determine exactly which version you want to use – with the installation from VR (there is also for x32) or NOiNSTALL (only x64). Do not experiment! Do not install all at the same time, or first, then, then this, that would just see what happens. If you annealed and tested the experiments and decided to return to NOiNSTALL (only x64) and after that you had the plugin in DEMO, I recommend. Download installer from off. site, install it (copied NOiNSTALL let it remain in the folder with the VST plug-in.) and immediately remove the aninstall manager (like UninstallTool, etc.). Launch the DAW.
When switching from NOiNSTALL to a release from VR, problems should not arise.