Aax • Au • Library • Mac OSX • PC Windows • Vst • x64 • x86 Adam Monroe Music – Adam Monroe’s Electric Bass 1.2 (VSTi, AAX, AUi, KONTAKT) [WIN.OSX x86 x64]

Post By Admin : 2019-03-13

Description : Electric Bass was sampled from the Yamaha BB424x electric bass. The bass was modified so that individual pickups were connected to independent jacks, which allowed independent sampling of pickups from the bridge and some. The volume and tone knobs were bypassed, so resistors were installed in their place to minimize the sound of an “ice hit”. The pickups were then connected to separate active Radial 48 direct boxes an...

PC Windows • Vst • x64 Solemn Tones – The Loki Bass (VSTi) [Win x64]

Post By Admin : 2019-03-09

Description : Loki Bass is a midi based bass sampler. Regardless of whether you are replacing recorded bass or programming your bass tracks from scratch, Loki will be an ideal tool for creating the basis of your mix.

Aax • PC Windows • Vst • x64 • x86 UJAM – Virtual Bassists Bundle 1.0.1 (VSTi, AAX) [Win x86 x64]

Post By Admin : 2019-03-01

a set of three tools:
VB-MELLOW – Introducing Virtual Bassist MELLOW – a jazz acoustic hipster that contains body, texture and huge low frequencies. As with every UJAM Instruments product, MELLOW uses our design philosophy without unnecessary disappointment, which means that everyone can use this product to make music faster, better and easier, regardless of their musical experience.

Aax • PC Windows • Vst • x64 • x86 SWAM Engine – Sample Modeling – Cello 1.1.2, Viola 1.1.2, Violin 1.2.0, Soprano Sax 2.5.3, Soprano Clarinets 2.6.1, Bass Clarinets 2.6.1 – NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer (VSTi, AAX) [Win x86 x64]

Post By Admin : 2018-10-26

The package of hybrid modeling of tools on the meringue technology SWAM (Synchronous Wave Acoustic Modeling) Engine, consisting of:
SWAM Cello 1.1.2 (x86 VST2, x64 VST2, x64 AAX *)
SWAM Viola 1.1.2 (x86 VST2, x64 VST2, x64 AAX *)
SWAM Violin 1.2.0 (x86 VST2, x64 VST2, x64 AAX *)
SWAM Soprano Sax 2.5.3 (x64 VST2, x64 AAX *)
SWAM Soprano Clarinets 2.6.1 (x64 VST2, x64 AAX *)
SWAM Bass Clarinets 2.6.1 (x64 VST2, x...

Audio Samples Sample Sounds – Sharked Future Bass (WAV)

Post By Admin : 2018-10-24

Sharked Future Bass Music, featuring sharked bass music and fingering bass designed by Sharked. Provided for you 100% Royalty-Free by Sharked, this is a collection of colorful sounds.
Sharked Future Bass’ includes 300 MB of content with One Shots, Loops and Synths.
This is a pack of hand-made designs.
One-Shot Samples
This is also a pack of materials for you. Simply load them up and create an infinite number of new g...

Audio Samples Cymatics – Cyclone Drums for Drum and Bass (WAV)

Post By Admin : 2018-10-14

 Drum and Bass is an outstanding genre among others, and still has a mad fan.
But what makes this genre so special?
One of the reasons may be hiding in plain sight.
Having laid out his name explicitly, “Drum and Bass” revolve around the work of stellar drums.
Everything from kick to snare, even to hi hats, must be perfect in Drum and Bass, otherwise it may throw all the energy of the track!
However, cr...