Arturia – V Collection 6.0.2 (STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3, AAX) [Win x86 x64]


Arturia – V Collection 6.0.2 (STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3, AAX) [Win x86 x64]

6000 key sounds, 170 drum kits, 17 software tools, considered a milestone in the music industry, V Collection is a solution for professional musicians who value quality and time. Synthesizers, organ, electric pianos and string machines you will find in this amazing collection of 12 instruments.You will get not only the exactly recreated character of the sound of these legendary instruments, but also a similar user interface that has made and makes them leaders in the studio and on stage for many years.

Synclavier V is a tool that accurately recreates and improves the capabilities of a digital synthesizer, which participated in creating the biggest hits and soundtracks for films of the early 80’s. Its unique mix of additive and FM synthesis technologies is created for the stunning variety and unique universe of cinematic pads and developing timbres.
Piano V presents you nine world class pianos, starting from a concert grand piano ending with a studio piano and unconventional designs. All tools are created on the basis of modeling technology applied to sound and mechanics – strings, hammers, mixer, microphone positions and much more.

B-3 V introduces you to the king of electronic organs, richly sounding B-3, which was the basis of jazz, gospel, hard rock and reggae, and stood in every professional studio around the world – for more than half a century. Its electromagnetic tonewheel design gave him strong qualities, which no longer had the later transistor organs.

The Farfisa V is lighter than the Hammond and sharper than the Vox, this transistor organ helped to strengthen the flamboyant sounds of the top 40 hits of the 60s and supports the boiling of optimistic genres so far. This virtual analogue has grown to a synthesizer, and can use custom waveforms, synchronized tremolo / repetition, has more control over envelopes and built-in effects.
Stage-73 V is an electric piano of the 60’s and 70’s with a rounded sound and a long night, which Wurlitzer always favored. This instrument was popular with almost every keyboard player, especially in jazz, funk and ballads. Stage-73 V accurately simulates the Stage 73 and Suitcase 73 models, all to the dentist, pickup and circuit, and also includes an additional tube amplifier and classic effects.

V Collection 6 includes new legendary instruments:

DX7 V offers you an authentic emulation of the digital FM synthesizer in 1983, which earned a place of honor in the history of keyboard instruments. This software version extends the hardware brother’s capabilities with new operator waves, advanced modulation, arpeggiator and built-in effects.
Buchla Easel is an emulation of the analog synthesizer of 1973, which changed the way of creating sounds with parameters focused on performance, focusing on the art of being an artist-sound recording.

Clavinet V is perhaps the most famous electric keyboard instrument of all time, the legacy of the clavier is everywhere. Released by Hohner in the mid-60’s, his funky timbre gave life to countless genres for decades, from disco and R & B to progressive rock and pop.

CMI V is known primarily as the progenitor of all samplers and an innovative additive synthesizer. Fairlight CMI really redefined the production of pop music after its release in 1979.
Analog Lab 3 includes the classic sounds of all V Collection instruments in one convenient interface, this is the perfect starting panel for your creativity. With a new browser, new modes and maximum keyboard integration with the controller, finding the perfect sound from over 6,000 presets has never been easier or fun.
Piano V 2 is the second version of the piano instrument based on physical modeling, which has undergone a complete revision. The new version contains three additional piano models, including the Japanese Grand, Plucked Grand, Tack Upright, improved microphone positioning, an improved equalizer and a new juicy stereo delay and compressor.