Abyssmedia – tuneXplorer [Win x86]


Abyssmedia – tuneXplorer [Win x86]

What you need to create the perfect mix? Regardless of which method you use – harmonic mixing or bit matching, you need to know the basic characteristics of the soundtrack, such as pitch and tempo. tuneXplorer helps you find the song tonality and BPM value with high accuracy. After analyzing the sound, you can save KEY and BPM in audio tags for later use in popular DJ software. Optimization for the latest multi-core processor provides a significant increase in performance, your entire music library can be processed in minutes.

Definition of tonality : Harmonic mixing is the mixing of tracks that are not only in the same key, but also with the tonic that work with each other. The first thing you need to do is turn off the tracks. Creating tracks with tuneXplorer is easy. First, you need to add a single track or a whole folder of audio files to the program. Then click the “Continue” button and check the box “Calculate track tonic”. AudioRetoucher can even help you change the pitch of the sound track.
Tempo Definition : Beatmatching is another popular mixing technique. It assumes a smooth adjustment of the tempo of the two songs, so the beats of the two songs sounded simultaneously, during the reproduction of both. We spent a lot of time to improve our BPM detection algorithm, and now it works with very high accuracy.
Popular audio formats : tuneXplorer supports common audio formats such as MP3, FLAC, OGG, WMA, WAV, AIFF and M4A (AAC and ALAC).
Tag support : tuneXplorer supports the latest ID3v2.4 and ID3v2.3 standards for saving BPM and Key values ​​in MP3 and AIFF audio files. Since we use standard fields such as TKEY, TBPM and Comments, they are compatible with other popular programs – iTunes, Serato, Traktor.
Export of BPM and KEY values : You can export calculation results to a value file (.CSV), and import this file into any spreadsheet or database.
Excellent extensibility : Do you have a modern computer with a multi-core processor, but most programs use only one core? tuneXplorer can use all the cores of your processor, more cores – more speed!

Year / Release Date : 04.2019
Version :
Developer : Abyssmedia
Developer site : abyssmedia
Digit capacity : 32bit
Interface Language : English
Tabletka : present
System requirements : Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10