Big Fish Audio – LA Drum Sessions CD2 (Wav)


Big Fish Audio – LA Drum Sessions CD2 (Wav)

Prepare to get acquainted with the most complete collection of modern performances on drums. This is the “LA Drum Sessions”: the drummers, one after another, give juicy, frequent, powerful blows, in almost any possible style, so diverse that you will not want to hear anything else for a long time!

Three ACID WAV samples of samples, divided into folders containing a lot of connected loops of a certain style and tempo. This will allow you to create your own song by choosing suitable loupes. In the studio, when recording, the most different equipment settings were used to exactly match all the recorded styles. 

Each piece has three versions: a “dry” recording, a room-mic recording and a mix of the two options. Mixed versions for each mix were made separately to sound like it should … but if you do not like it, then you can make your own version of the mix! 

More than 80 categories of styles; More than 6000 loops; Jazz, rock, disco, funk, punk, country, blues and so on. Find your drummer, and add to your music a quality that only true professionals can guarantee!


Hard – 090bpm 147 Loops
Hard Groove – 130bpm 51 Loops
Hard Groove – 170bpm 72 Loops
Jazz – 100bpm 93 Loops
Jazz – 125bpm 153 Loops
Jazz – 145bpm 90 Loops
Laid Back – 100bpm 93 Loops
Late Night – 150bpm 66 Loops
March – 105bpm 108 Loops
March Fast – 120bpm 75 Loops
Party Jam – 110bpm 42 Loops
Pocket – 090bpm 72 Loops
Punk – 160bpm 99 Loops
Punk – 165bpm 87 Loops
Punk – 170bpm 114 Loops
Rap-Rock – 090bpm 51 Loops
Reggae – 090bpm 132 Loops
Reggae – 130bpm 54 Loops
Reggae – 140bpm 150 Loops
Rim & Snare Grooves – 130bpm 99 Loops
Rim Grooves – 102bpm 90 Loops
Rock Drums – 140bpm 60 Loops


Developer : Bidfishaudio
Website :
Format : WAV
Quality :
Wav mono, stereo, 16 bits, 44 kHz