8Dio – Hybrid Drums 8D8 (KONTAKT)


8Dio – Hybrid Drums 8D8 (KONTAKT)

Hybrid Drums 8D8 is the latest iteration in our Hybrid Tools series and sets the new standard for high-end drum tools. The library contains an amount of custom content spread across several hundred contemporary kits.

Our new Hybrid Epic Cinematic kits were recorded with a massive 10-person percussive ensemble and sets a cutting-edge bar for big percussion. We created a completely new architecture for epic percussion, allowing you to trigger the percussion in a variety of ways, including the new intuitive lay-out by JunkieXL and others.
Dubstep / Trap Kits, 25 Minimalistic / Pop Kits (with Skrillex / Diplo / Zedd), 25 new Ambient / Soft Kits and 25 Cinematic Rock Kits. Future, New-Generation Trap / Dubstep, Hip-Hop to Pop, Deep House, Electro House, Minimal and so forth.
Hybrid Drums 8D8 contains a variety of exclusive features that you will not find anywhere else, including our Chaos Engine, which includes the ability to randomize, reverse, mix / blend anything you want and manipulate hundreds of parameters with a single click.
Hybrid Drums 8D8 contains a fully rendered 3D user interface with a variety of new controls, including Tempo-Synced Gate, Reverse, Randomizer, Speed ​​Control, Pitch Envelope, Glide and Offset – all accessible from the front-interface. You can also go deeper into our Chaos FX and control everything from Filters, Step-Based Filtering, 3 EQ, Stereo Delay, Bit Crusher, Distortion, Dual-Convolution reverb with convolution FX.

The Mini-Browser
Hybrid Drums 8D8 contains a 3D mini-browser that allows you to access all sounds immediately. Core banks come preloaded in the internal browser, so you can audition patches without load-time. You can combine as many patches as you want using our STACK key – and you can REVERSE and RANDOMIZE anything with a single click from the front-interface. Everything is right at your finger tips, so you can get back to making music.

Our CHAOS Engine allows you to STACK, REVERSE and CHAOS any or ALL patches with a single click. It is the one of the most extreme feature in Hybrid Drums 8D8. The CHAOS Engine allows you to make over 1.500 sample parameters randomize with one click, while also randomizing our new 8Dio FX System. So both the sample content and the assigned FX will be randomized in one glorious cocktail – all with one click.

Drum Sequencer
Hybrid Drums 8D8 contains a full-fledged drum-sequencer, which allows you to push our kits to the maximum. The drum sequencer contains up to 4 different patterns that could be controlled in real-time and all knots-bolts you would expect from a drum-sequencer. In addition you use our STACK function and combine as many kits you want and manipulate the sounds instantly from our front-panel.

Hybrid Drums 8D8 controls a powerful arpeggiator allowing you to virtually arpeggiate anything you want. You can control the velocity, steps, swing, rate, repetition, steps and many other elements in the arpeggiation, while also manipulating features such as attack, release, pitch-envolope, randomization, reverse, chaos and many other elements in real-time .

Ambient Kit (25 Kits)
• Minimal Kit (25 Kits)
• Dubstep kit (25 Kits)
• Cinematic Kit (25 Kits)
• Legacy EDM Kit I (50 x 2 Kits)
• Legacy EDM Kit II (50 x 2 Kits)
• Hybrid Epic Kit
• Hybrid Epic Low Kit
• Tonal Kick Drums (14)
• Ensemble Split Kits (50)
• Low Kit Split (5)
• New-Generation Hybrid Epic Cinematic Kits
• + 50 Contemporary EDM Kits (Dubstep and Minimal)
• + 50 Modern Ambient and Cinematic Kits
• + 200 EDM Legacy Kits
• New Hybrid Epic Drum Architectural Layout for ease of use
• True 3D Rendered Interface w / Step-Sequencer


Publisher : 8Dio
Website : 8dio.com/instrument/hybrid-drums-8d8-instrument-for-kontakt-vst-au-aax-samples/
Format : KONTAKT 5.5 +
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo